MallCom’s customers benefit from the help of an onsite technician for quick and accurate resolution to issues. Whether you need installation of wiring, troubleshooting of lines, or basic advice, we are here to help you.

Our service model covers the following areas:

1. Installation Services: We can install any type of wiring necessary for your business. We install Category 3,5e,6, Coaxial, Fiber, and other types of wiring. We can assist also in DMarc Extensions.

2. Troubleshooting Services: We can troubleshoot any type of circuit. Frame Relay, Private Line, T-1, DSL, Ethernet, or fiber. The advantage of our technicians is clear. Our technicians know the entire layout of the Mall from day one. We can help clear problems, since we know where every conduit runs.

3. Advanced Networking: Covering the entire scope of support, we can help install and troubleshoot VPN’s, Firewalls, Routers, and Computers. Often and onsite person is the only way to repair a problem related to networking. Let us assist you and your staff, ensuring the flow of revenue for your business.

4. Special Projects: With an in-depth knowledge of the Mall, we can help your company with just about any type of project necessary for your business.